Quantitative Neutralizing Antibody Testing – Now Available

24 Hour Turnaround time and $47 per sAMPLE

META Lab Dx is a collection of industry experts that came together to create an innovative, diagnostic laboratory that serves the COVID testing needs of Businesses, Schools and Health Systems. Our partners trust us to provide the best industry services. Their confidence is grounded in how we collaborate with them every day. When you engage META, we immerse ourselves in your business. With each engagement, we work to earn our reputation for excellence.

Our Approach

Our laboratory works with other independent and hospital-based laboratories across the US. We’re a Laboratory that Serves Other Labs. Helping you with:

Handling overflow testing for other labs.

Flat reference fee testing for esoteric types of lab work that they don’t want to bring in house.

Receiving and processing samples for new lab startups, allowing them to get into business earlier, while their laboratory is being built out and validated.

Lab correlation partners.

Our Saliva Assay

Less Invasive

Patient’s simply spit into a sterile tube, no need for healthcare workers swabbing patients!

Faster Results

The use of a proprietary assay makes the RNA extraction process unnecessary resulting in results in 30% less time. We are able to deliver results in less than 24 hours in most cases.


Cost Effective

Without the need for swabs, VTM (Viral Transport Medium), Expensive Tubes w/Buffer, and Extraction Reagents we are able to perform the test for as low as $60 per sample (*pricing may be higher for sample volumes less than 5,000/month).

Reliable Supply Chain

By intentionally validating with common medical supplies to avoid bottlenecks cause by dependencies on specific manufacturers.

Who Meta Works With



Based Labs


Incubator for Innovation

Meta also serves as an R&D lab where we develop new assays, new panels, new ways of testing and then, validate inside of our customer’s laboratories. By doing this we’re leading the charge into new areas helping other labs.